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Which treatment?

Every human being is unique. That is why it is important that you find the help and treatment that suits you best. There are several ways to treat alcohol addiction. Be honest with yourself and seek the help you need most. Also discuss this with your partner, doctor and family. If you prefer a Christian counselor, click here .


The most common treatments:


  • Online help

Several websites offer online help for alcohol addiction. Sometimes this way is offered from an addiction clinic and you get professional help from a distance. In other cases, they are experts by experience who offer you guidance. Online help mainly works for women with starting alcohol addiction. If the addiction has lasted longer, more intensive treatment is necessary. Many women try this low-threshold method of treatment, but later turn out to need more help.


  • Self-help groups

The AA is known worldwide as a self-help group for alcohol addiction. The advantage of AA is that there is a group in every city or region. It is an accessible way of providing assistance, whereby contact with fellow sufferers helps you to break free from your alcohol addiction. If necessary, you can attend a meeting every day.


  • Treatment by a clinic

In case of a long-term addiction, treatment in an addiction clinic is possible. Not only the alcohol addiction itself is tackled here, but also the problems behind it. Addiction clinics offer various forms of care. It depends on your personal situation which treatment by a clinic is best for you. For example, you can opt for an admission or treatment for a few days or hours per week. In most clinics guidance is also possible for your partner, children and other family. This intensive approach has a positive and lasting effect for many alcohol addicts.


Other forms of treatment are also possible. For example, some women choose to go into rehab in a clinic and then attend AA meetings. Still others do not feel at home in a self-help group and opt for individual therapy. In addition, there are all kinds of other institutions that treat addiction. Therefore, pray that God will make it clear to you which form of treatment is most suitable for you and discuss your quest with your loved ones.


Many clinics and AA groups work with the 12 steps. These form a total program to build a stable life without alcohol.

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