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Recognizing your alcohol addiction is the first big step on the road to recovery. You just can't seem to stop drinking. Because many women know how to hide their alcohol addiction well, the threshold for asking for help is very high. Moreover, there are several forms of assistance. Which one do you choose? And where do you start?


Share your secret

If no one knows about your addiction, you can start sharing your secret with someone you trust. Just pray that God will put this person on your path so that you feel safe enough to tell your story. That alone is a huge relief. Giving words to a long-kept secret opens the way to relief and recovery. It can feel like a huge burden is being taken off your shoulders. After all, you no longer carry it alone.


General practitioner

In addition, it is good to discuss with your doctor what is going on. A good doctor will listen to your story and work with you to find the right treatment for your alcohol addiction. Not all GPs are equally familiar with addiction problems. Moreover, alcohol addiction also occurs among general practitioners. Therefore, you may not always get the response you need. Then remember that there is specialist help, where you will find understanding and targeted treatment.


Stop drinking

You cannot stop an alcohol addiction overnight. For that you will have to kick the habit in a good way. Your body is used to a certain amount of alcohol. The withdrawal will therefore take place very gradually with the help of medication and professional guidance. Stopping drinking independently is not wise and can even be dangerous. Therefore, always contact your doctor or an addiction treatment facility if you want to stop drinking. The withdrawal can take place in an addiction clinic as well as with outpatient counseling. Subsequently, targeted treatment is required.


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