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Addiction in general

An addiction is a condition in which someone is physically and / or mentally dependent on a habit or substance. If this habit or substance is absent, the person's behavior will be focused on obtaining and taking the substance, or acting on the habit. This comes at the expense of most other activities. If the habit or substance has to be let go, severe withdrawal symptoms develop.      

There are behavioral addictions and substance addictions. Behavioral addictions include gambling, gaming or buying addiction. The act or habit is necessary to feel better or to get a kick.

Substance addiction is an addiction to a drug or substance that has a direct effect on the brain. Alcohol falls into the category of 'narcotics'. (source: Wikipedia)


Addiction clearly explained

How does an addiction work? You can read a clear explanation here ! (source:

Alcohol in the Bible

The first miracle of Jesus was the turning of water into wine at a wedding in Cana. What does the Bible actually say about alcohol? Read more...

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