'When Alcohol Controls Your Life'

Do you long to become free from your dependence on alcohol?

Do you really want to stop drinking? Do you want to change from within?

Then the training 'When alcohol controls your life' can help you.

In this way, we are on the road to a life free from alcohol dependence.

In brief:

  • Permanently quit alcohol

  • Becoming free from alcohol dependence

  • On the way in connection with God

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Practical information:

  • Duration: 23 weeks (unlimited access)

  • Start: from registration

  • Ability to participate in community

  • Bimonthly masterclass

  • Costs: € 297, -

Payment in installments is possible by registering via .

Towards a life free from alcohol dependence

Would you like to break free from the grip of alcohol? Because it occupies you all day and has come to rule your life? Then the online training 'If alcohol controls your life' can be a means to free yourself from your alcohol addiction.


Why this training?

Changing from the inside out, that is the goal of this training. Based on biblical principles and psychological insights, you are on your way to a life free from alcohol dependence. You will learn to see how your alcohol addiction originated and what is going on inside you. God is central in this training. He wants to help you and goes with you through this process.


Inside is Outside

"If alcohol controls your life 'came about through a collaboration of Inside Outside and Dry Words, v rom a shared yearning to help people with alcohol addiction. Lianne Kooijman from Binnen is Buiten is a biblical coach / counselor and develops online training courses from a biblical perspective. I have enrolled in this training as an expert by experience. This is how knowledge and experience come together.


How is the training structured?

The training consists of 11 modules, which contain a total of 40 lessons. The lessons are linked to a specific theme. Every week you will receive an email with the schedule of the lessons. Through these emails you will also receive additional information and you will be encouraged. This is how we go through the training step by step.


The lessons consist of text and video. The information from the lessons is processed by means of worksheets and (audio) exercises. In this way you learn to apply what you have learned in your daily life. You spend an average of 2 hours with the lessons per week. But in practice, you will notice that the teaching material continues to affect you, so that you will also be busy with the training at other times.


If you follow the schedule of the classes, you will have gone through them all after 23 weeks. But even then, all lessons remain open to you, so that you can always fall back on them. The (audio) exercises, videos, information, worksheets and attachments also remain accessible.



"When alcohol controls your life" is not just about quitting drinking. Because dependence on alcohol does not just happen. That is why you also work with the layer that lies below your dependence. The training is therefore not a step-by-step plan, although you will certainly encounter practical tips and exercises. You are going to change from within. You learn who you are and who you can be, but especially who God is to you. From that basis you learn to live without dependence on alcohol and you may become full of His Living Water.


We do it together

You are not alone during training. God is there, but He also wants to use people to help you further. On Facebook there is a private group for the participants of the training, where Lianne and I will be regularly present. Here we share our knowledge and experience and we participate in the entire process.


Online master classes

Once every two months there is an online master class in which a specific theme or topic from the training is discussed in more detail. During the masterclass you can ask your questions and sometimes an exercise is done. God is also central in the masterclasses. He is woven into the whole process towards a life free from alcohol dependence.


Called to be free

We are called to be free. And that is also possible for you! I know what it's like to be trapped in an alcohol addiction, but also how liberating it is to become free from it. With God all things are possible. Give your fight to God, because Jesus has already fought it. He wants to be your Guide and Counselor. Put your hand in His hand and take the first step on the road to freedom!

(Registration is via Binnen is Buiten.

You will be automatically forwarded)