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'Dry words & living water'

As soon as you stop drinking, you are 'dry'. No more alcohol will enter your body and you will certainly experience the consequences. In the first place physically (after the annoying withdrawal your body will recover), but also mentally! This blog is about the process that then starts and how you can design it. Hence: dry words . Written by someone who experiences it personally.


Living water is an image from the Bible, mentioned by Jesus Himself when He was on the earth. On the eighth day of the Feast of Tabernacles, when pitchers full of water were poured out beside the altar of burnt offering in the temple, He said, "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink." And then, "He that believeth on me, as the scripture saith, Streams of living water shall flow from within him." Jesus is talking here about the Holy Spirit, which is yet to be poured out at that time. That will only happen later, during Pentecost. First, Jesus will pay the price for our sin and overcome death. A turning point, marked by a wooden cross and an abandoned grave!


We live in the time after Pentecost. The Holy Spirit has been poured out. The moment we place our lives in God's hands and accept the sacrifice of Jesus, we receive forgiveness and the Spirit comes to dwell in us. By quenching our thirst with Jesus, we receive living water !


Thirst quenching

An alcohol problem always has a deeper cause. The biggest problem is not so much the thirst for alcohol, but above all the thirst for certainty, for relief from inner pain and for real happiness. Do you recognize that? Then give your burden to Jesus and find your true identity as a beloved child of God. He will embrace you even in your darkest moments. Just come as you are. With your craving for alcohol. And all the consequences that entails. Receive forgiveness and let yourself be filled with living water that cleanses and refreshes you.


Living water cannot be hidden. It bubbles and fizzes and will be visible and audible to those around you. In fact, according to Jesus, streams of living water will flow from within! Whoever lives with Jesus can never remain the same.


Receive and pass on

We may distribute what we have received. Not in your own strength. It is God's Spirit that wants to work through us. We are called to be available. That's why this blog. Written in dependence. With prayer and desire to be a channel of living water.


Living water versus alcohol. For me it is not a question who is the strongest. Even though we live in a broken world and the temptation is never far away. In God's strength we will go on, withstand difficult moments and are allowed to get up if we should fall again.


Got thirsty? Jesus is waiting for you. With open arms!


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