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This is me

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I am Klazina, 43 years old. Married to my childhood sweetheart Bart-Jaap and mother of four beautiful children, ages 8 to 19. Since November 2017 'dry' and without active alcohol addiction.

I work as a freelance copywriter and really enjoy reading and cooking. My real passions are writing and singing. In it I can completely lose my 'egg' and I can receive as well as pass it on.

Quitting drinking sparked a search for my deepest feelings, fears and desires. I learned a lot because of this. A process that, I think, will go on for a lifetime. In my testimony you can read how the Lord God showed me a way out of my addiction. And gave me solid ground under my feet again.

Thank you for visiting Dry Words & Living Water! I would like to share with you my 'dry' life, with all the challenges that this entails. In addition, I provide a lot of information about (alcohol) addiction in general and its impact. I would like to create more awareness for the need that is there (often in secret). Because the threshold for assistance is still high!

At the beginning of 2020 I came into contact with Lianne Kooijman from Binnen is Buiten . We both had a desire to help people struggling with alcohol addiction. Lianne develops online training courses as a Biblical coach / counselor. Together they developed the online training 'When alcohol controls your life' . A training based on Biblical principles combined with psychological insights, in which knowledge and experience are linked. In this training you will move with God to a life free from alcohol dependence.

Are you struggling with alcohol yourself? Then pray in search of the way out of your active addiction, which God wants to show you. He won't let you go!

And do you read along as an interested person? Then I hope that through this blog you will gain more insight into addiction to alcohol and a taste of God's indescribable love for every person!

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